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•Natural jade:Made of natural jade, this gentle massage on the skin and provides a comfortable massage experience.   •Multi -use use:This massage device can be used on different parts of the body, including the face, eyes and tape.   •Manual employment:Manual operation of this massacre allows for dedicated massage and pressure.   •Benefits of beauty and health:This massage can help improve blood circulation, reduce bloating and enhance health in general.     Product information Scooter massage: 14 * (big head) * 4 (small head) Product weight: about 60 g Small scraping board: about 7 G The size of the abrasion: 8 *, g or so College size: 19 * * from * from Individual weight: 90 g set of weight:, g Note: The data are all manual measurements. There will be some errors, please receive the actual prevailing    ..
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  • Quick use time:With the time of using 60 minutes, this tool provides efficient and effectively removing the card.He is designed to quickly solve harsh fabric, which saves you time and discomfort.   • Compatibility of the global effort:The product supports global global effort (100-240V), making it suitable for use in different locations around the world.It is a multi -use tool for those who travel a lot.   • Water -resistant design:The water -resistant design allows this electric calculation to be safe and comfortable.It is designed to withstand water contact, which makes it ideal for care for care for care for caring for limbs or other wet conditions.   • Portable size:Its small and mobile size makes this tool easy to carry.Whether you are at home, in the salon, or on vacation, this tool can reliably provide the card removal whenever you need it. Specifications product name Electric foot remover Material ABS job An electronic file grinding device to exfoliate dead skin the color rosy the use Foot spa feature comfortable the size 190*35 Frequix 50/60 Hzz eviction One handle and two cylinders and USB work time One hour   Features   Strong: With this electric foot texture, you can easily remove dead skin and peel in minutes to get beautiful, elegant and exciting feet, it slips effortlessly on your feet and your heels, removes safely and without pain of dead, dry and cruel skin layers.For stubborn tissues, uranies and corses. Dis adjustment: You can control this calculator by adjusting the speed gear.High -speed hardware can easily remove the fabric on your feet by rotating quickly.When removing the fabric, you can adapt to the slow gear of the exact milling.Take care of your feet. A comfortable feeling: the handle of the foot cleaning device is designed, when you hold it, fits your hand comfortably and feels comfortable when touching, and you will not feel tired even after long -term use. Replacement grinding head: This electric leather remover is very comfortable to replace the grinding head, you can choose the right grinding head according to skin care, so that your skin's skin is soft and soft.        ..
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Electric haircuts to remove facial and eyebrows and lipstick facial hair remover Features: 1.Low -frictional rounded round heads prevent skin damage. 2. [Immediately without effort]: The horizontal cutting head with dual rotating blades expands the contact area for immediate and comprehensive trimming of unwanted hair on the fingers, cheeks, chin, upper lip and arms.Girl, prepare to look amazing!Say goodbye to painful wax and form the bikini line quickly for fun in the sun! 3. [Works with a USB port]: A USB hair trimming machine ends the problem of frequent replacement of the battery or shipping it via a power bank, wall charger, car charger or other USB charging devices. 4. [Mobile]: A stylish lipstick design that suits your hand comfortably, slides in your cosmetic collection, bag or wallet to stay free of fluff in the holiday or throughout the day.You will like the amazing skin care results you achieve with a hair remover. Package Included: 1×hair removal 1, USB charging cable 1 or clean brush  ..
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The batteries are not included in this product Features: 1. Capacity is effective, and unparalleled quality 2- Articles.Stainless steel ABS plastic 3. This makeup tool can help you remove the excess/eyebrows easily. 4. Lipstick style design, portable size. 5. I give you a happy mood every time you use it. 6. Its duration and stability. 7. Stylish and smart design.Easy to carry, suitable for travel or home use. 8. Suitable for all girls and young women who love beauty. Power supply: 1 * AAA Battery (Non -Listed battery) The package includes: 1 * Electric, flip 1 * brush 1 * Guide  ..
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